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ADAMS Miss Ida
A46     Invitations to Waikato Hunt Club Balls
A47     Receipt from The Laurels boarding house

A289   'The Absent Minded Beggar' by Rudyard Kipling
A208   'A Great Cloud of Witnesses' by L Shapcott
A565   ALAN, Pat - speech
A275   Album of Tober & Co. Chocolate Cards

A177   Auckland Weekly News, 11 May 1900
A176   Cambridge Borough Centenary 1886-1986
A165   'Cambridge Centenary 1864-1964' - H G Carter
A169   'Cambridge Jersey Breeders 75th Jubilee' by George H Dawick
A170   Cambridge Universal Business Directory
A163   'Life Was Like That' by Ruth Wilkinson
A159   'Tamahere Eventide Home' by D H Payne

A554   'All About Swimming' booklet
A452   100 Anchor Years 1886-1986
A209   'Anchor' Jubilee souvenir issue - 'The Empire's Dairy Farm', the New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Co.Ltd.
A452   Anchor N Z Dairy Group of Companies structure and products 1992
A554   ANSON, Everard - 'Out of the Shadows'
A89     ANZAC Day brochures, cards and booklet
A395   Aotearoa Meats Limited letterheads
A400   Aotearoa Meat Works photos and negatives.
A460   Arapuni Power Station
A63     Archaeological Digs - personal notes R J Porter
A64     Archaeological Digs - notes on digs R J Porter was associated with.
A205   ARCHER, George Ernest - named books

Armed Constabulary Force of New Zealand
A20     Manual of Rules and Regulations for the Guidance of the Armed Constabulary Force of New Zealand
A62     Report of the Presentation of the NZ Cross to Inspector Roberts A.C.

A484   ARNOLD, J - Waikato Central Agricultural Association Member's Ticket
   ARNOLD, John - Lawyer's letters and surveyor's plan of the Triangle.
A177   Auckland Weekly News, 11 May 1900







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