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A557   BARBER, L H - The View from Pirongia: The History of Waipa County
   Battle of Taumatawiwi - talk notes by Maurice FitzGerald
A412   Bay of Plenty Historical Review - 1983, 1984, 1991

BEER, Eric
A210   A Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Volume I - edited by G H Scholefield
A211   A Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Volume II - edited by G H Scholefield
A208   'A Great Cloud of Witnesses' by L Shapcott
A209   'Anchor' Jubilee souvenir issue of 'The Empire's Dairy Farm', the New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Co.Ltd.
A75     BEER, Eric - Research notes for the book 'Plough of the Pakeha'
A198   BEER, Eric - 'Plough of the Pakeha' co-author with Alwyn Gascoigne
A2       Cambridge Co-op Dairy Co Ltd - Golden Jubilee 1901-1951
A207   'Cambridge Today and Yesterday'
A207   'BNZ in Cambridge' by Meryl Lowrie
A3       Hautapu School Jubilee 1878 � 1956
A465   Kairangi Field Trip address
A218   Presentation to Thos Wells Esq. on his Retiring from Public Life.
A213   Roto-o-rangi Rugby Football Club Minute Book
A215   Tamahere School Commemorating 100 years 1884-1984
A215   'Tauwhare Centennial History 1884-1984' by Russell and Margaret Lang
A217   Te Miro School and District Jubilee
A213   'The Karl Story' by Edward J Karl
A216   'The Taylors and Bucklands' by C M Gordon
A56     The Waikato Advocate Newspaper
A572   Waikato Militia Vouchers - 3rd Waikato Regiment  

A185   'Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management'
A447   BELL - HJORTH family arrival in New Zealand
A219   BELLAMY, Athol Johnston - Holy Bible and Book of Common Prayer
A259   Biblical & Theological Dictionary
A202   BIRCH, James H - 'War in South Africa Between the British and the Boers'
A262   BIRKS, Rev T R - 'Exodus of Israel'

BLACK, Kennedy
A96     BLACK, Kennedy - Music for ANZAC Day
A351   BLACK, Kennedy - Alto parts arranged for Cambridge Women's Institute Choir

A420   Black and White Budget
A207   'BNZ in Cambridge' by Meryl Lowrie

BOND, James Shiner
A56     The Waikato Advocate Newspaper

A261   BOOTH, General - 'In Darkest England and The Way Out'
A10     Book of Common Prayer c1600s
A563   BOULTON, Vincent - framed Honorary Life Member Certificate

Bowling Clubs
Cambridge Bowling Club   
   Cambridge Bowling Club Programmes
A178   Cambridge Bowling Club Men's and Women's Programmes and Directory, 1990-1991
A542   Cambridge Combined Mixed Bowling Club
A541   Cambridge Women's Bowling Club
A584   Central Men's Bowling Club Cambridge Inc. 50th Jubilee 1946-1996
A178   Central Men's Bowling Club / Central Women's Bowling Club 1990-1991 programme
A178   Leamington Bowling Club (Inc) combined Men's and Women's Programme and Directory 1990-1991
A541    Waikato Women's Bowling Centre

A372   BOYCE, Chris - Bereavement Card

Brass Band, Cambridge
  Promotional flyer for Uniform Fund Entertainment, 1901

A128   'Brave Days' W.D.N.Z.F.U
A419   'Brickwork Concrete and Masonry' by T Corkhill
A120   British Breeds of Livestock
A194   BRIDGEMAN, John - 'The History of Methodism in New Zealand' by Rev William Morley
A475   British Empire Games - Rowing. 1950

A89     ANZAC Day brochures, cards and booklet
A87     Birthday card to Frances E Brooks
A85     Brooks Wedding Invitation
A90     KENNY, Mrs F - collection of photographs
A90     Longman's Simple Stories from English History
A86     New Zealand Expeditionary Forces Writing Paper
A88     Newstead (Marshmeadows) School Diamond Jubilee
A152   Cambridge Young People's Industrial Exhibition Certificates - Frank Brooks

A447   'Life and Times of F J Brooks' compiled by Moira Penman and Margaret Lang.

A374   Extract from journal of Rev A N Brown of Tauranga - 'Journey Upstream' manuscript by C W Vennell
A553   Brown Bros (Alf and Eddie) Shell Service Station Official Competition Entry Forms
A362   Brown's Mission Station Memorial Trees Research Notes by Bob Porter
A552   BRUCE, Pamela - 5th Form Geography exercise book and two assignments
A565   BURKITT, Alan's speech
A389   BURT, Rev Doug - The Waikato Encyclopedia
A520   BUSCH, K J & Co Ltd - Gradall Hire

A150   Bible - commentary condensed by the Rev John McFarland LL.D., London
A151   Coronation Souvenir Calendar (1937) - King Edward VIII
A132   Cambridge Orphan's Club - Closing Ode
A108   Waikato Farm Location Maps - Combined Waikato Jaycee Chapters






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