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A278   Calendar - 1939

CALVERT, Geo. & Co.
A45     Geo. Calvert & Co. cash sale docket
A433   Geo. Calvert & Co. Ltd.

A579   Cambridge - Alive With History by Eris Parker
A388   Cambridge & District Centenary Programmes
A144   Cambridge & District Senior Citizen's Membership Cards - M K Fisher
A534   Cambridge Agricultural & Pastoral Association
A183   'Cambridge : An Illustrated History 1886-1986' - Sally Parker
A409   Cambridge A-Z : Who's Who in Cambridge
A485   Cambridge Beautifying Society - Dance Card from fundraising Children's Fancy Dress Ball.

Cambridge Borough Council:
A380   By-Laws of the Council of the Borough of Cambridge
   Cambridge & District Centenary 1964 - Programme of Principal Events
   'Cambridge : An Illustrated History 1886-1986' - Sally Parker
A176   Cambridge Borough Centenary 1886-1986
A564   'With Compliments of the Cambridge Borough Council' cards
A427   Cambridge Borough Council Crest Insignia
A427   Cambridge Borough Council ephemera and Local Government Commission document
A430   Cambridge Borough Council Centennial 1986
A485   Cambridge Borough Council 1936 Jubilee Invitations
A428   Cambridge Borough Council Jubilee 1936
A458   Cambridge Borough Council report on list of Historical Buildings and Noteworthy Trees.
A557   Cambridge Borough Council rubbish bag
A426   Cambridge Borough Council Swimming Pool Hours
A427   Cambridge Borough: District Scheme Review No.1
A427   Cambridge Citizens' Newsletters
A565   Cambridge Borough Municipal Offices plan
A565   Cambridge the Town of Trees: World Rowing '78 Souvenir Edition
A565   New Municipal Building Officially Opened by the Mayor
A13     Visitors' Book - 1953-1954 NZ Royal Tour by Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

A540   Cambridge Bowling Club
A540   Cambridge Bowling Club Programmes
A220   Cambridge Branch of the New Zealand Railway, History of

Cambridge Bands
A566   Cambridge & Waikato Reed Band Book
   Cambridge Band Committee Minute Book
   Cambridge Band Programmes
A566   Cambridge Band Roll and Equipment Book
A566   Cambridge Brass Band Accounts Book
A566   Cambridge Brass Band Committee Minutes Book
A566   Cambridge Brass Band Minutes Book
A15     Promotional flyer for Uniform Fund Entertainment, 1901
A566   Cambridge Municipal Band Committee Minute Book

A432   Cambridge Business Accounts
A165   'Cambridge Centenary 1864-1964' - H G Carter
A537   Cambridge Club Inc
A405   'Cambridge Club 75 Years On (1906-1981) - C W Vennell
A542   Cambridge Combined Mixed Bowling Club

Cambridge Co-op Dairy Co Ltd
A519   Cambridge Co-op Dairy Co Ltd Annual Reports for 1967-74 and 1976-1980
A2       Cambridge Co-op Dairy Co Ltd Golden Jubilee 1901-1951
A402   Cambridge Co-op Dairy Co Ltd 1901-1976
A580   Cambridge Co-op Dairy Co Ltd Memorandum and Articles of Association

A538   Cambridge Cosmopolitan Club
A327 & A328   Cambridge Defence Rifle Club

Cambridge Dramatic Society
A15     Promotional flyer for production of 'East Lynne' 1905
A15     Promotional flyer for production of 'Shamus O'Brien' 1905

A573   Cambridge Economic Planning Project
A449   Cambridge Electricity 70 Years - Cambridge Electric Power Board and Waipa Power Ltd.
A190   Cambridge Electric Power Board Golden Jubilee 1920-1970
A450   Cambridge Enterprise Works Newsletter
A71     Cambridge - Fifty Years a Borough
A554   Cambridge Garden Group and Cambridge Boy's & Girl's Agricultural Club records
A539   Cambridge Golf Club
A486   Cambridge Golf Club Rules and Regulations 1902 - 1903
A178   Cambridge Harness Racing Club Member's Stand admission ticket, 14 February 1992
A361   Cambridge High School Magazine 1949
A406   Cambridge High School Magazines - 1941, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970 and 1976. Something Subtle - 1977, 1978 and 1979.
A479   Cambridge High School Newsletter
A530   Cambridge High School Record
A408   Cambridge Home Edition Directory for 1972-1973
A408   Cambridge Home Edition UBD - 1990
A573   Cambridge Independent journalist's pad
A573   Cambridge Independent articles - 25 years ago and 50 years ago
A578   Cambridge Independent - Ninety Years of News by Eris Parker
A461   Cambridge Independent research material

Cambridge Independent Print
A406   Cambridge High School Magazines - 1941, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970 and 1976. Something Subtle - 1977, 1978 and 1979.
A563   Cambridge Independent folder
A371   'Cambridge Sends You Greetings' booklet
A371   Fencourt Women's Institute Programme
A405   St Andrew's Parish Centennial Chronical, 1871-1971
A403   St Peter's School Chronicle 1977
A403   St Peter's School Chronicle 1991 and 1993

A563   Cambridge Industries Fair Sept 30th to Oct 2nd - card

Cambridge Jaycees
A134   Cambridge Jaycees 'Enquire Within 1986-87'
A407   Cambridge Jaycees 'Enquire Within' - 1975, 1978-79, 1980-81, 1986-87.
A108   Jaycee's Waikato Farm Location Maps

A169   'Cambridge Jersey Breeders 75th Jubilee' by George H Dawick

Cambridge Jockey Club
A14     Member's Ticket 1885

A149   Cambridge Kiwi Weightwatchers Club archives
A405   Cambridge Maternity Hospital Jubilee Cookery Special - 1962-1987
A402   'Cambridge Murals' by Eris Parker
A300   Cambridge Museum Scrapbooks
A360   'Cambridge Native Land Courts Operation, 1865-1873' - Research and Findings by Angel Terekia
A373   Cambridge, New Zealand and Royal Family booklets
A485   Cambridge O & G Fund 1947 official card
A448   Cambridge Obituaries - Murray Frost

Cambridge Performing Arts Competitions Society
Cambridge Competitions Society Programme
   Programme for 1990 Festival at St Peter's School, 1st and 2nd September

A366   'Cambridge Pioneering Women' by Eris Parker
A526   Cambridge Play Centre Recipe Book
A404   Cambridge Primary and District High School Centenary
A405   Cambridge Promotional Brochures
A140   Cambridge Public Library Borrower's Card
A474   Cambridge Railway

Cambridge Repertory Society
A368   Cambridge Repertory Society Drama Programmes

A476   Cambridge Rugby Guides
A554   Cambridge School exercise book
A371   'Cambridge Sends You Greetings' booklet
A553   Cambridge Shell Service Station Official Competition Entry Forms
A381   Cambridge Souvenir of Coronation - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
A207   'Cambridge Today and Yesterday' - C W Vennell & Co. Ltd
A388   'Cambridge Town of Trees' brochure
A563   Cambridge Trotting Club (Inc) Inaugural Night Meeting Programme
A170   Cambridge Universal Business Directory

Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade
A40     Invitation Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade Gold Star presentation to W J Harris

A541   Cambridge Women's Bowling Club
A365   Cambridge Women's Suffrage Centennial Committee
A179   Cambridge Writers' Group scrapbook
A184   CAMPBELL, Robert D - 'Captain Cadell and the Waikato Flotilla'
A184   'Captain Cadell and the Waikato Flotilla' by Robert D Campbell
A281   Card - World War One Christmas
A593   'Carnachans of Cambridge' by Colin R Carnachan
A342   CARTER, Emma - Knitting Patterns

A165   'Cambridge Centenary 1864-1964'
A434   'History of Cambridge' by William Rout
A387   Research Notes by H G Carter
A387   Telegram Intimating Peace in 1902
A470   Typed script on Maungakawa and Te Miro

A288   CAVELL, Nurse Edith - In Memoriam of Nurse Cavell' poem by Thos Arthur Creighton.
A554   1956 Census Sub-enumerator's Book
A436   Certificates, Testimonials and Licence
A235   Chambers's Journal
A552   CHARLTON, Anne - 3rd Form Social Studies / Geography exercise books
A452   Chickens - Incubating and Breeding. January 1928

CHITTY, Charles
A20     Manual of Rules and Regulations for the Guidance of the Armed Constabulary Force of New Zealand

CHITTY, Eileen
A19     Second Place certificate from Cambridge Young People's Industrial Exhibition

A597   Civil Defence Action - Vol.1, Number 1

A221   'Guthries Grammar: and Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World'
A221   'Hogg's Instructor'

A551   Clark Family, A Social History of
A485   Lord and Lady Cobham - Invitation for Luncheon with.
A492   E H Cochrane Ltd advertisement
A402   'Colonial Inspirations' by Beverley Sheldrick
A282   Commemorative Scroll to Private D Russell
A349   COOK, Renee - collected favourite poems
A405   COOPER, Joy - 'The Golden Years of Kairangi (1933-1983)
A419   CORKHILL, T - 'Brickwork Concrete and Masonry'
A151   Coronation Souvenir Calendar (1937) - King Edward VIII
A283   Coronation Souvenir Card (1902) - King Edward VII
A52     Coronation Year (1937) in Cambridge - photographs in album
A444   Country Women's Institute
A375   COWAN, James - 'The Old Frontier - Te Awamutu: The Story of the Waipa Valley'

A71     Cambridge � Fifty Years a Borough
A74     Greeting Cards etc from the Peppercorn family
A70     Peppercorn Papers
A73     Peppercorn Photographs
A68     Peppercorn Sketch Books
A66     Poetry Booklets from the Peppercorn family
A69     Waterside Strike Dance Programme

A434   CROWTHER, W - Treasury Voucher
A550   Croydon Schools Break-up for Christmas

A4       Fencourt Settlement 1900

CUBIS, Margaret
A391   'Leamington School 100 1880-1980'
A391   'Roto-o-rangi School and District 75th Jubilee'

A399   The Cyclopaedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, Facts, Figures, Illustrations. Volume 1 - Wellington
A1       Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, figures, Illustrations. Volume 2 - Auckland
A260   The Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, Figures, Illustrations, Volume 3 - Canterbury Provincial District
A231   The Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, figures, Illustrations. Volume 4 - Otago & Southland
A232   The Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical figures, Illustrations. Volume 6 - Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Wellington Provincial Districts.






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