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A436    FAULKNER, Edward E - Licence
A555    Federated Farmers of New Zealand Inc Waikato Province Year Books
Fencourt Settlement 1900
A371    Fencourt Women's Institute Programme
A436    FERGUSON, John - Testimonials
A466    FERGUSSON, Sir James - Letter to Samuel Seddon
A468    FINLAYSON, Roderick and SMITH, Joan - 'The Maoris of New Zealand'
A191   'First Families of Cambridge' by Ruth Wilkinson
A7        FISHER and FITZGERALD Families � Photograph album

A143    FISHER, F - Waikato Central Agricultural Association Certificate
A137    FISHER, Margaret Kathleen - Baptismal Certificate
A145    FISHER, Margaret Kathleen - British Passport New Zealand
FISHER, Margaret Kathleen - Cambridge Public Library Borrower's Card
A144    FISHER, M K - Cambridge Senior Citizen's Membership Cards
FISHER, Margaret Kathleen - Driver's Licence
A136    FISHER nee HUNT, Gertrude and HUNT, William I S - Confirmation Certificates
FISHER, Kath - Ephemera
A142    FISHER, J S - Hamilton Kennel Club Certificate
A138    FISHER, John Scott and Susan Gertrude (nee HUNT) - Certified Copy of Entry of Marriage 24 June 1896
FISHER, John and Suzanne - Scrapbooks of Cards

A299    Fitzgerald Photograph Album
A447    FITZGERALD, Hugh - handwritten notes on.
A468    FITZGERALD, Maurice - typed talk notes on Battle of Taumatawiwi.
A457    Flour Mills in Cambridge area
A571    Flour Mills research - Waikato
A28      FORSYTHE, William and Charlotte (nee GREY) � Certified Copy of Entry of Marriage 17 April 1869

A547    Friends of Resthaven
A448    FROST, Murray - Cambridge Obituaries






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