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A198   GASCGOIGNE, Alwyn - 'Plough of the Pakeha' co-author with Eric Beer
A405   'Gods Little Acre - Cambridge Cemetery' by Eris Parker

Goodwood School
A29     Goodwood School Jubilee 1952
A133   Goodwood School 75 Years

A216   GORDON, C M - 'The Taylors and Bucklands'
A373   GORRINGE, E W - Collection of Cambridge, New Zealand and Royal Family booklets
A466   'Gorton Estate' - Karapiro
A520   Gradall Hire - K J Busch & Co Ltd
A357   GRANT, Emphemia - Scrapbook
A96     GREEN, Mrs Frank - Music for ANZAC Day by Kennedy Black
A351   GREEN, Frank and Irene - Photograph albums, Music Book in alto parts for Cambridge Women's Institute Choir and address to Frank Green from members of the Cambridge National Reserve
A74     Greeting Cards - Peppercorn

A552   School Books - 3rd Form Social Study / History / Geography exercise books.
A552   School Books - 5th Form Geography exercise book and 2 assignments
A552   School Certificate Geography Examinations

A188   GUDGEON, Thos Wayth - 'Defenders of New Zealand'
A586   Guide to the Waikato Hydro Group
A405   Guides to Historical Sites by John Scott
A221   Guthries Grammar: and Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World
A424   GWYNNETH, John - Surveyor's plan of the Triangle







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