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HALL, Henry
A9       Auckland Board of Education certificate for passing Standard 1 Examination
A9       Auckland Board of Education certificate for passing Standard 2 Examination
A9       Auckland Board of Education certificate for passing Standard 3 Examination
A9       Auckland Board of Education certificate for passing Standard 4 Examination
A8       Cambridge District High School Second Prize book plate certificate

A91     Hally Mill Stones - Notes and Photos
A362   Hally Mill Stones Retrieval Project - Bob Porter
A554   Hamilton & District Telephone Directories
A142   Hamilton Kennel Club Certificate - J S Fisher's Fox Terrior
A349   HAMMOND, John - Poems collected by Renee Cook
A132   HAMPSHIRE, T H - Cambridge Orphans' Club Closing Ode
A548   Handwork - Fancy Knitting and Handwork Magazines
A223   HARDY, E L - Building Books
A457   HARGREAVES, R P - 'Maori Agriculture of the Auckland Province in the Mid-Nineteenth Century'
A457   HARGREAVES, R P - 'Maori Flour Mills of the Auckland Province'

A40     Invitation Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade Gold Star presentation to W J Harris

A423   6th Hauraki Regiment - Order of Ceremony of the Presentation of Colours
A383   Hautapu Dairy Factory Plan - 1955
A563   Hautapu Rugby Football Club 75th Jubilee Booklet

Hautapu School
A369   Certificate of Entitlement for second Hautapu School
A563   Hautapu School Centenary Booklet 1878-1978
A3        Hautapu School Jubilee 1878 � 1956

A424   HAY, J Macgregor - Lawyer's letters and account to John Arnold
A376   HAYMAN, Frances - 'King Country Nurse'
A565   Heaphy Memorial Research
A237   HEMANS, Mrs F - Poetical Work with Memoir
A180   HIGHAM, George - 'We've Been Everywhere Man'

A5       Leamington School Jubilee - 70th Anniversary 1880�1950, and Official Opening of New School
A273   New Zealand's Roll of Honour 1915
A6       Roto-o-rangi School Julilee 1905 � 1955

A268   Hints for Conducting Sunday Schools
A434   'History of Cambridge' by William Rout
A194   'History of Methodism in New Zealand' by Rev William Morley
A365   The History of the Waikato Branch (Inc) of the NZ Federation of University Women
A411   'History of the Waikato Police' by Senior Sergeant Brian Walters
A405   'The History of Whitehall'
A447   HJORTH - BELL family arrival in New Zealand
A397   'Hodderville Boys' Home and Training Farm, Putaruru' by James T Tihema
A221   'Hogg's Instructor'
A452   HOGAN, Sir Patrick - profile in 'NZ Bloodhorse' July 1992
A416   HOLT-WHITE, W - 'The People's King - A Short Life of Edward VII'
A234   Holy Bible circa 1855
A408   Home Edition Directory for Cambridge 1972-1973
A408   Home Edition UBD Directory - Cambridge 1990
A369   HOOKER, Mrs Peg - Certificate of Entitlement for second Hautapu School
A459   Horahora Ball tickets
A405   Horahora - Guide to Historical Sites compiled by John Scott
A404   Horahora School (Maungatautari No.2) 50th Jubilee 1909-1959
A532   Horse Sale Catalogues
A377   HOWARTH, Jack and Cambridge Trees
A203   HUNT, C G - Some Notes on the Wesleyan Mission at Aotea
A136   HUNT, Gertrude and William I S - Religious Confirmation Certificates
A412   Huntly Historical Society - 'The Black Diamond' 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1984.







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