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A481   Kaipaki School Prize Ribbon
A465   Kairangi Field Trip - address by Eric Beer
A405   Kairangi - The Golden Years of (1933-1983) by Joy Cooper
A466   Karapiro - 'Gorton Estate'
A362   Karapiro Lake Sacred Stones Research Notes by Bob Porter
A466   Karapiro Tailwater Level Reduction
A213   KARL, Edward J - 'The Karl Story'
A363   KEELEY ephemera
A375   KELLY, Leslie G (Te Putu) - 'Tainui'

KENNY, Mrs Frances
A89     Anzac Day Brochures, cards and booklet
A87     Birthday card to Frances E Brooks
A85     Brooks Wedding Invitation
A90     Collection of photographs
A90     Longman's Simple Stories from English History
A88     Newstead (Marshmeadows) School Diamond Jubilee
A86     New Zealand Expeditionary Forces Writing Paper

A520   KIBBY Family - Paramount Recaps Story
A50     Kihikihi School - Copies of photographs used in the Kihikihi School centennial book
A376   'King Country Nurse' by Frances Hayman
A549   King Dick Seddon Cartoon Book
A287   KINGDON, Jonathan - Memorial Card
A289   KIPLING, Rudyard - The Absent Minded Beggar
A562   Kitchencraft Waterless Cooking Cookbook
A17     KITE, Winifred - Social Security Registration Fee Coupon Book � For Issue to Female Persons Only
A548   Knitting and Fancy Handwork Magazines
A342   Knitting Patterns 1890s collected by Emma Carter
A497   Knitting Patterns - Lux 1941
A487   KOHLEIS, George - South African War Papers







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