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A352   'Tamahere 1868-1940'
A386   Tamahere Map

A548   Magazines - Knitting and Fancy Handwork
A60     Manley, V.C., Surgeon General and Other Medical Medalists of the Second Maori War.

A63     Archaeological Digs - personal notes R J Porter
A64     Archaeological Digs - ephemera on digs R J Porter associated with
A92     Maori Parliament excavation photos and research information on Land Courts and Waikato Maori
A359   Maori Weaving Research and Findings - Joan Regan
A469   Maori Women's Welfare League
A60     Te Totara Pa

A88     (Marshmeadows) Newstead School Diamond Jubilee
A228   MARTYN, John Jnr, Hautapu - Royal Geographical Society Vol.I
A587   Matahina Dam fish pass - The Eels that Climb Over the Dam

Matangi School
A30     Matangi School 1910-1961
A49     Matangi School Photo Album

A563   Matangi-Hillcrest Rugby Football Club 1909-1988 Reunion
A470   Maungakawa and Te Miro typescript by Harry Carter.
A577   Maungakawa and Te Miro by Eris Parker
A405   Maungatautari and Roto-o-rangi - Guide to Historical Sites compiled by John Scott
A471   Maungatautari Bank
A404   (Maungatautari No.2) Horahora School 50th Jubilee 1909-1959
A468   MAUNSELL, R - 'Grammar of the NZ Language'
A526   'Memoirs of an Old Chemist' by E H Leigh
A580   Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Cambridge Co-operative Dairy Company, Limited
A423   Memorial Service for the Right Hon H H Earl Kitchener of Khartoum

A185   'Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management'
A14     Cambridge Jockey Club Member's Ticket - James Taylor
A104   'Girl's Own Annual' Vol. XVI
A305   Meredith Scrapbooks
A11     'Scottish Humour, Songs and Lore'
A233   Sheet Music

A231   'The Cyclopaedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, figures, Illustrations. Volume 4 - Otago & Southland'
A232   'The Cyclopaedia of New Zealand. Industrial Descriptive, Historical, Biographical figures, Illustrations. Volume 6 - Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Wellington Provincial Districts'

Methodist Church
A208   'A Great Cloud of Witnesses' by L Shapcott.
A194   'The History of Methodism in New Zealand' by Rev William Morley.
A440   Methodist Church documents

A371   'Cambridge Sends You Greetings' - World War Two booklet
A60     Manley, V.C., Surgeon General and Other Medical Medalists of the Second Maori War
A43     NZ Soldier's Pay Book for use on active service
A65     Waikato Regiment Royal New Zealand Armoured Corp
A555   World War Two Military Training Books
A55     World War Two scrapbook

A380   MILLER, Mrs Jim - By-Laws of the Council of the Borough of Cambridge
A520   Mobile Mini-Sheep Shower Instruction Booklet - Stock Treatment Services (NZ) Ltd - I W James.
A327 & A328   MOORE, Arthur - Cambridge Defence Rifle Club
A520   Moore Levesque & Morriss Ltd - Jointwood Products Catalogue
A436   MORGAN, Kate Susan - birth and marriage certificates
A194   MORLEY, William Rev - 'The History of Methodism in New Zealand'
A97     MORROW - Reminiscene [sic] Round About 1876 by Mrs Elizabeth McGibbon nee Nickle
A565   Municipal Building (New) Officially Opened by the Mayor

A128   'Brave Days' W.D.N.Z.F.U
'British Breeds of Livestock'
A122   'The History of the Presbyterian Church'

A96     Music for ANZAC Day







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