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A375   'Tainui' by Leslie G Kelly (Te Putu)
A376   'Tales of Pioneer Women' collected by the Women's Institutes of New Zealand.

   'Tamahere 1868-1940' by Alf Main
A386   Tamahere Map
A159   'Tamahere Eventide Home' by D H Payne
A215   Tamahere School Commemorating 100 years 1884-1984

A588   Taotaoroa Whitehall Karapiro District School Centenary 1885-1985 by Phyllis Jeans
A563   Tattersall's 1785th and 1788th sweepstakes tickets
A362   Taumatawiwi Battle Research Notes by Bob Porter
A468   Taumatawiwi Battle talk by Maurice FitzGerald
A412   Tauranga Historical Society Inc Journal -'Gate Pa Centennial Souvenir' 1964
A215   'Tauwhare Centennial History 1884-1984' by Russell and Margaret Lang
A460   King Tawhiao's Parliament in 1893 by John Dory

Cambridge Jockey Club Member's Ticket - James Taylor
A104    Book 'Girl's Own Annual' Vol. XVI - Birdie Taylor

A407   Telecom Leaflet - NZ Phone Number Update 1992-93
A490   Te Koutu Lake and Gardens - Cambridge Domain

Te Miro
A217   Te Miro School and District Jubilee
A535   Te Miro Sports Club
A470   Te Miro and Maungakawa - typed script by Harry Carter
A577   Te Miro and Maungakawa by Eris Parker

A470   Te Paki o Matariki - typed translation Oct 6, 1892.
A60     Te Totara Pa
A360   TEREKIA, Angel - Operation of the Cambridge Native Land Courts 1865-1873, Research and Findings
A393   'The Captain - A Magazine for Boys and Old Boys' Vol. VIII
A375   'The Old Frontier - Te Awamutu: The Story of the Waipa Valley' by James Cowan
A416   'The People's King - A Short Life of Edward VII' by W Holt-White
A397   'The Salvation Army Hodderville Boys' Home and Training Farm, Putaruru' by James T Tihema
A216   'The Taylors and Bucklands' by C M Gordon
A424   The Triangle - Surveyor's plan by John Gwynneth
A520   THIRLWALL, R P & R J - Pot Plant Holders brochure

A96     Music for Anzac Day
A154   Treaty of Waitangi and Declaration of Independence of New Zealand facsimilies

A397   TIHEMA, James T - 'The Salvation Army Hodderville Boys' Home and Training Farm, Putaruru'
A592   TODD, Norm - 'Ross Todd Motors 50 Years: Proud to be serving the transport and construction industry'
A479   'Tomorrow's Schools' - Cambridge High School Newsletter
A132   TOWSEY, Arthur - Cambridge Orphan's Club Closing Ode
A434   Treasury Voucher

Trinity Presbyterian Church
A59     Trinity Presbyterian Church Cambridge, Diamond Jubilee Souvenir 1872-1932
A59     Trinity Presbyterian Church Cambridge, One Hundred Years 1872-1972
A546   Trinity News Cambridge

A441   Trinity St Paul's Union Parish Card

A563   Twelve Views of Cambridge the Beautiful
A228   Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia Vol.1 by Capt Charles Sturt, 39th Regt






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