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A446   WADDINGTON, Dr - Petitions
A400   Waikato Abattoir (Camb) Ltd Deed
A56     The Waikato Advocate newspaper
A365   Waikato Branch (Inc) of NZ Federation of University Women History
A143   Waikato Central Agricultural Association Certificate - F Fisher
A484   Waikato Central Agricultural Association Member's Ticket - J Arnold

Waikato Dairy Co-operative Limited
A518   Waikato Dairy Co-operative Limited - Annual Reports 1981 and 1982
A445   Waikato Dairy Co-operative Limited - Newspaper Supplements

A389   The Waikato Encyclopedia
A108   Waikato Farm Location Maps
A452   Waikato Federated Farmers 50th Anniversary 1995
A385   Waikato Fertilizer Buyers' Association letter book
A571   Waikato Flour Mills Research Notes
A412   Waikato Historical Society - 'Hamilton City and District Tour' 1968

Waikato Hunt Club
'A Right Royal Run With the Waikato Hounds' by George Ranstead
Ball Invitations

A586   Waikato Hydro Group Guide
A461   Waikato Independent research material
A447   Waikato Independent - Early Settlers
A454   Waikato Independent - 'Rewi's Last Stand' movie newspaper cutting.
A411   Waikato New Zealand, 1928
A572   Waikato Militia Vouchers - 3rd Waikato Regiment
A423   16th Waikato Regiment - Order of Ceremony of the Presentation of Colours
A65     Waikato Regiment Royal New Zealand Armoured Corp
A452   Waikato Rose Show Schedule 1955
A563   Waikato Rugby Union Golden Jubilee book, 1921-1971
A541   Waikato Women's Bowling Centre
A557   Waipa County - The View from Pirongia: The History of Waipa County by L H Barber
A410   Waipa District Council Community Directory
A557   Waipa District Council Official Rubbish Bag
A449   'Waipa Connections' Issue 1 - Waipa Power Ltd.

A60     Manley, V.C., Surgeon General and Other Medical Medalists of the Second Maori War.
A60     Booklet 'Te Totara Pa'
A59     Trinity Presbyterian Church Diamond Jubilee and 100 Years booklets

WALLIS, Arthur Cedric
A39     Driver's licences and radio receiving licence
A35     Emergency Precautions Scheme - Cambridge March 1942
A40     Invitation - Cambridge Fire Brigade Gold Star Presentation to W J Harris
A37     Social Security Registration Fee Coupon Books
A43     NZ Soldier's Pay Book for use on active service
A44     Rent Book

WALLIS, Claire
A40     Invitation Cambridge Fire Brigade Gold Star to W J Harris
A52     Coronation Year (1937) in Cambridge - photographs in album
A35     Emergency Precautions Scheme � Cambridge March 1942
A29     Goodwood School Jubilee 1952
A50     Kihikihi School centennial book - Copies of photographs used in the book
A39     Driver's licences and radio receiving licence     
A30     Matangi School 1910-1961
A49     Matangi School Photo Album
A43     NZ Soldier's Pay Book for use on active service
A51     Photograph Album
A31     Pukeatua School Jubilee 1911-1961
A44     Rent Book
A37     Social Security Registration Fee Coupon Books for Arthur Cedric Wallis
A38     Social Security Registration Fee Coupon Book for Emily Wallis
A34     'Such Things Were' the Story of Cambridge New Zealand.
A55     World War Two scrapbook

A38     Social Security Registration Fee Coupon Book

A411   WALTERS, Senior Sergeant Brian - 'History of the Waikato Police'.
A202   'War in South Africa Between the British and the Boers' by James H Birch
A554   'War Record' - A story of New Zealand's war effort.
A69     Waterside Strike Dance Programme
A359   Weaving, Maori Research and Findings - Joan Regan
A106   Alice Mary Silcock nee Webb - 'Looking Backwards 1986-1863'
A520   Webb Supplies Ltd - advertising
A149   Weightwatchers Club, Cambridge branch, archives
A218   WELLS, Thos - Presentation to Thos Wells Esq. on his Retiring from Public Life.
A203   Wesleyan Mission at Aotea - notes by C G Hunt
A189   'We've Been Everywhere Man' by George Highams
A412   Whakatane and District Historical Society Inc. - 1962, 1964, 1967
A204   'What's On and Where'
A405   'Whitehall, The History of'
A495   Whitehall Settlement Disposal of 8,954 acres
A106   William and Mary Wilson - 'Looking Backwards 1986-1863'

A18     Ration Book 1940s

A266   '100 Years of Oddfellowship in Cambridge' - Loyal Duke of Cambridge Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F. 1867-1967
A191   'First Families of Cambridge'
A163   'Life Was Like That'
A397   'Our Cambridge'
A18     Ration Book 1940s
A214   'Streets of Cambridge and Senior Citizens Tales'

A367   WILLIAMS, Mrs Marion - School Arithmetic and Reading books

WILLIS, Mrs Helen
A10     Book of Common Prayer
A432   Cambridge Business Accounts
A267   Dictionary of the New Zealand Language
A268   Hints for Conducting Sunday Schools

A496   WILSON, John - letters to and from
A557   'Winning His Name' - ex Dom Russo's Exchange Library Cambridge

WISEMAN, Colin and Berys
A554   1956 Census Sub-enumerator's Book
A554   '603 City of Edinburgh Fighter Squadron' - The Scotsman
A554   All About Swimming booklet
A554   The Cambridge Garden Group and Cambridge Boy's & Girl's Agricultural Club records
A554   Cambridge School exercise book
A554   Enzed Junior - five issues
A554   The Exquisite Postcard Block
A554   Hamilton & District Telephone Directories
A554   Leamington School exercise and homework books
A554   Ledger
A554   New Progressive Arithmetic text book - Standard IV
A554   New Progressive Arithmetic text book - Standard V
A554   'Out of the Shadows' by Everard Anson
A554    Riverside Drycleaners notepad
A554   School Senior Inspector pad
A554   'War Record' - A story of New Zealand's war effort.

A128   Women's Division New Zealand Farmers Union - 'Brave Days'
A376   Women's Institutes of New Zealand - 'Tales of Pioneer Women'
A365   Women's Suffrage 1993
A366   Women's Suffrage Research Books
A281   World War One Christmas card
A555   World War Two Military Training Books
A447   WRIGHT, William Westmorland
A447   WRIGHT, Harriet
A447   WRIGHT, Oliver
A447   WRIGHT, Ron - Wright Family Reminiscences
A454   WYATT, Lesley - NZ Film Archive and newspaper cuttings.






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