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World War 1 Roll of Honour at the Cambridge Cenotaph

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For soldiers who had associations with Cambridge but are not included on the Cambridge Cenotaph


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9/1522 Corporal Philip Amos M.M.
Brother of Mrs Frances Jamieson
Age 27
Wellington Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 7 May 1918
Buttes New British Memorial, Belgium



7/830 Trooper George Inman Comer
Son of Benjamin and Mary Comer
Canterbury Mounted Rifles
Killed in Action 28 August 1915
Hill 60 (NZ) Memorial, Gallipoli

46121 Private Frank Crouch
Son of Charles
Wellington Regiment
Killed in Action 4 October 1917
Dochy Farm New British Cemetery, Belgium



26580 Rifleman Frank Thomas Drummond
Son of Thomas and Kate Drummond
Age 21
NZ Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 7 June 1917
Messines Ridge Memorial



29383 Private Andrew Campbell Finlay
Son of John Finlay, Ireland
Wellington Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 8 June 1917
Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Cemetery, Belgium



12/747 Private Ralph Richmond de Normanville Guy
Son of William and Mary Ann Guy, England
Age 19
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Died of Wounds 8 May 1915
Chatby War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt



6/645 2nd Lieutenant Norman Robert 'Jim' Harper M.C
Husband of Anna nee Poole
Born 15 February 1888
Enlisted 13 August 1914
Entrenching Battalion
Died of wounds 15 April 1918
Haringhe Military Cemetery, Belgium



2/2173 Gunner William Maitland Kersey
Brother of John Kersey
Age 22
Enlisted 1915
NZ Field Artillery
Died of Wounds 26 September 1918
Grevillers Cemetery, France



32043 Private Daniel Alexander McKelvey
Son of James and Anne McKelvey, Ireland
Born 1892
Died of Wounds 19 June 1917
Trois Arbres Cemetery, France

43439 Gunner Murdoch Alexander McKinnon
Son of Donald and Margaret McKinnon
Age 21
NZ Field Artillery
Killed in Action 14 March 1918
Divisional Cemetery, Belgium



41354 Rifleman Arthur Percival Glover Popple
Son of Frederick and Amelia Popple
Age 32
NZ Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 8 October 1918
Marcoing British Cemetery, France

61770 Private Stanley Norman Popple
Son of Frederick and Amelia Popple
Entrenching Battalion
Killed in Action 8 May 1918
Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery, Belgium



21094 Rifleman William Ernest Redshaw
Born 26 August 1894
Enlisted 1 May 1916
NZ Rifle Brigade
Killed in Action 7 June 1917
Messines Ridge British Cemetery, France

26920 Private William McIlwraith Rose
Son of Frank and Louise Rose
Age 29
Auckland Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action 4 October 1917
Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium

Researched and written by Eris Parker
Ref: Cambridge Museum Archives
National Archives Wellington






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