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This poem appeared as an advertisement in the 25 August 1906 issue of the Waikato Independent

I have Adonis Flos, Balsam, Aster Betteridge's Quilled,
Anagallis, Bartonia Aurea, soon your garden will be filled;
Canna, Calliopsis, Drummondi, mixed, Tinctoria Bicolour,
Candytuft Crimson, mixed, Chrysanthemum Tricolour;
Lupins, Dahlia, Delphinium, and Cockscomb for a pot,
Hibiscus Africanus, Godetia the Bride, Forget-me-not;
Foxglove, Feather Grass, Everlastings, Mignonette,
And many others I'll supply, just come along, don't forget.

Green Windsor, Harlington Windsor, Canadian Wonder Beans,
Broccoli, Brussells' Sprouts, Borecole, Kale or Curly Greens;
Blood Red, Nuttings Crimson, White or Spinach Beet,
Giant Cos, Paris Green, Drumhead Lettuce can't be beat;
American Wonder, Little Gem, Daisy, Yorkshire Hero Peas,
All can be grown with the greatest ease;
Melons, Carrots, Cress, Cucumber, Leek,
Kindly let me know which one you seek.





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