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by A Grateful Pensioner - 14 July 1965

Winter is here with frosts that bite
For hours, till sunshine drives them off.
The winds too, pierce one left and right
And raise the nasty, hacking cough;
Or else the rain gives one the blues
And days become so dull and drear
That aged ones their spirits lose
And saddened hearts just long for cheer.

Then Roto-o-Rangi Junior Red Cross -
Yes Christine, Sharon, Keith and Wayne -
With happy smiles and curls a-toss
Bring bags of cones - and once again
Old folk perk up, give thanks above
For these dear youngsters' joy and verve;
For Mrs Duncan's task of love
In training such to love and serve.

Their Red Cross prayer delights the heart,
It stresses service glad and kind,
Hearts humble, grateful, set apart,
That lonely ones new joy may find.
The old give thanks now, deep and true,
For fires that glow each chilly night.
God bless these bairns in all they do
And keep them serving, joyous, bright.





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