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by 'Backblocker' - 23 March 1926

Oh, have you seen the workers
At the corner of the street -
With their picks, and forks, and shovels
And their garden tools complete?
It's a sight that you will profit by
And must not fail to see,
So come along on Saturday
And watch the Working Bee.

There's such a lot accomplished,
It's more than I can state.
They've dug up half the hedgerow
That grew beside the gate.
And other things have vanished too,
For which you'd have to search,
And rumour's going round the town
They're going to move the church.

They're a busy lot of workers
That compose this Working Bee,
And if you don't believe it
Then just come along with me -
And believe me or believe me not,
I boldly do declare
That when they prick their fingers
You will never hear ‘em swear.

They're a busy lot of workers,
As I have said before;
But two of them I grieve to say,
Will often stop and jaw,
And resting on their implements
In most professional style,
Take not the slightest notice
Of the others' caustic smile.

And passers-by will often stop
To make intelligent remark.
Such as “Oh I see you're working,”
Or “It's getting rather dark.”
While others with more conscience
Turn aside their heads with shame
As they hurry past the workers
On their way to play some game.

Then like lots of other workers
Of course they take a rest,
And energy is soon restored
With dainties of the best.
For when they get exhausted
Or are looking rather pale,
A graceful lady tends their wants
Like Florence Nightingale.

But these calm and peaceful workers
Created quite a scene.
They piled up all their clippings,
Some of which were very green,
And with no consideration
For the neighbours round about,
They started such a bon-fire
That it nearly smoked them out.

Of course it led to argument
Which wasn't any good
And both of the disputants
Stood and watched the burning wood,
While a sympathetic worker
Made the burning mass secure.
The injured party came next morn
And took it for manure.

Now come and see the workers
At the corner of the street,
With their picks and forks and shovels
And their garden tools complete.
It's a sight that you will profit by
And must not fail to see.
So come along on Saturday
And join the Working Bee.





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