OPENING HOURS: Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Weekends and public holidays 10am-2pm

Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Weekends and public holidays 10am-2pm

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Our Cambridge Collection has changing exhibitions about Cambridge.  Much of our collection is in storage to ensure its preservation for future generations.



Unidentified Object

Donated by Margaret Scrivener Accession No. 3138/11 From the estate of Miss Annie McNaughten, the donor’s aunt. Periodically we are presented with examples of unknown or forgotten technology and here is one of those. Made…


Trench Art

Donated by Mrs E Hardy Accession No.224 Here we have an example of Trench Art from the First World War, created by Jack Young. Made from an 18 pounder shell cut and engraved to look…


Tobacco Press and Cutter

Tobacco Press donated by R Irvine Accession No. 268 Tobacco Cutter donated by Mrs Mary Whewell Accession No. 241 In the late 19th century, there was no tobacco-growing industry in New Zealand. It was all…


Sewing Machine

One of the earliest sewing machines in the Waikato. Originally the property of Mary McMillan.



Various Donors In our collection are several pairs of scissors for different specialised uses. These three examples are, from left to right – A pair of buttonhole scissors fitted with a swing out gauge between…


School Sewing

Donated by Miss Clare Wallis Accession No. 10799 Even after the advent of the sewing machine, girls learned at an early age to do fine hand sewing for making clothes. Here is a sampler of…


Royal Memorabilia

Our Cambridge Collection has Royal memorabilia going back to 1837 including a Queen Victoria Coronation Souvenir Pin Cushion and a Buzzy Bee to remind us of the young Prince William’s visit to New Zealand with…


Printing Press and Te Paki o Matariki newspaper

Donated by the Muirhead Family Accession No.s 129 and 1155 This printing press was discovered and salvaged from a swamp on the Muirhead’s farm at Te Miro in 1958. Made in the USA by Kelsey…


Pocket Knife

Donated by Miss Annie Arnold Accession No. 52 This knife was given by Tim Sullivan to Mr John Arnold. Shortly afterwards Sullivan was killed by the Maori’s at Roto-o-Rangi, 24 April 1873.


Pestle and Mortar

Donated by Mrs H Griffiths Accession No. 51 Cast iron mortar and pestle, used for grinding solids into powder.


Ostrich Feather Christmas Tree

Donated by Mrs Olive Harman Accession No. 2343/1 An artificial Christmas tree, manufactured in the US Zone of post-World War II Germany. The bendable wire branches are each tipped with a red berry and wrapped…


Bathing Fashion of the 1920s

Ladies one-piece bathing costume. Made of blue cotton knit fabric with yellow band trim on all edges, it is buttoned on one shoulder, has short legs and a skirt overlay.


Lamson Rapid Wire Cash Railway System

Donated by Vaughan Clements Accession No. 2920 In the Museum is a part of the Lamson Rapid Wire cash railway system used in George Calvert’s & Co Ltd department store until 1985 when the store…


The Hicks Tea Pot

Donated by Frances Grace Claridge nee Hicks Accession No. 184 This teapot, seen in a shop window advertising tea, was bought in Yorkshire by John and Margaret Allan. The Allans were from Scotland and left…



Donated by Mrs Eileen Hounslow nee Chitty Accession No. 131 Grindstones were used for sharpening knives, axes and other tools. Purchased in 1867, this grindstone’s original owner was Sgt. Charles Chitty of the 3rd Waikato…


Hally’s Flour Mill Grindstone

Restored for the people of Cambridge by Mr Bob Porter This millstone is one of several made for Hally Bros Flour Mill. It is burstone and was quarried and shaped in France. The mill was…


Eugene Permanent Wave Machine

donated by Eleanor Buttimore This early Eugene permanent wave machine was used in Buttimore’s Hair Salon, Victoria Street, Cambridge – proprietors Eddie and Eleanor Buttimore.


Charcoal-Burning Iron

Donated by Gladys Robinson Accession No. 803/1 At the Cambridge Museum we have many examples of old style irons. This item is a cast iron Hot Box 7 lb (3.2 kgs) iron with chimney, which…


1920s Dolls

Donated by the McCrae Family Accession No. 1930/40 Christmas has come for sisters Elizabeth and Jean McCrae in the 1920’s.