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A330   Pakeke Lions Club 202c Cambridge NZ
A180   Papakura and Districts Historical Society - 'We've Been Everywhere Man' by George Higham
A557   Paper rubbish sacks - C.B.C. and Waipa District Council
A398   Paper shopping bags from local Cambridge businesses.
A520   Paramount Recaps Story and Service Guide
A471   PARK, Stuart - Maungatautari Bank
A183   PARKER, Sally - 'Cambridge: An Illustrated History 1886-1986'

'110 Years of Cambridge Rail' by Eris Parker
Cambridge - Alive With History by Eris Parker
Cambridge Independent - Ninety Years of News by Eris Parker
'Cambridge Murals' by Eris Parker
A366   'Cambridge Pioneering Women Still Leading the Way in 1993' by Eris Parker
A405   'God's Little Acre - Cambridge Cemetery' by Eris Parker
A577   Te Miro and Maungakawa by Eris Parker

A457   PARNHAM, W T - 'Maori Wheat Growing and Flour Milling 1845-1880'
A396   Paterangi Women's Division of Federated Farmers - 'Paterangi Remembers'

A234   Holy Bible circa 1855
A235   Chambers's Journal
A237   'Poetical Work of Mrs F Hemans With Memoir'
A238   The Quiver

A159   PAYNE, D H - 'Tamahere Eventide Home'
A486   PENMAN, Ian - Typewritten history of Cambridge Golf Club up to 1956

A388   Cambridge & District Centenary Programmes
   Cambridge Jaycees 'Enquire Within 1986-87'
A388   'Cambridge Town of Trees' brochure
   'First Families of Cambridge' by Ruth Wilkinson
A133   Goodwood School 75 Years
A195   'The Influenza Epidemic 1918' by Moira Penman
A447   'Life and Times of F J Brooks' by Moira Penman and Margaret Lang

   Peppercorn Book Collection
     Cambridge - Fifty Years a Borough
A74     Greeting Cards, etc.
A70     Peppercorn Papers
A73     Peppercorn Photographs
A68     Peppercorn Sketch Books
A66     Poetry Booklets
A69     Waterside Strike Dance Programme

A438   Pezant Catholic Manuscripts
A222   'Pharmaceutical Formulas Vol.II' by G P Forrester F.C.S.
A266   PHILIP, Arthur L - '100 Years of Oddfellowship in Cambridge' Loyal Duke of Cambridge Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F. 1867-1967
A468   PHILLIPPS, William J - 'Maori Houses and Food Stores'
A240-A250   PICKERING Family - Religious Books
A557   Pirongia Forest Park by Helen Dodson
A75     'Plough of the Pakeha' research notes by Eric Beer
A198   'Plough of the Pakeha' by Eric Beer and Alwyn Gascoigne
A557   Poems and Pictures for Little People
A349   Poems collected by Renee Cook

A63     Archaeological Digs - personal notes R J Porter
A64     Archaeological Digs - notes on digs R J Porter associated with
A65     Duke of Cambridge Lodge I.O.O.F.
A91     Hally Mill Stones - Notes and Photos
A397   Jubilee Souvenir of the Battle of Orakau
A92     Maori Parliament excavation photos and research information on Land Courts and Waikato Maori.
A397   'Our Cambridge' by Ruth Wilkinson
A362   Research Notes by R J Porter
A397   'The Salvation Army Hodderville Boys' Home and Training Farm, Putaruru' by James T Tihema
A65     Waikato Regiment Royal New Zealand Armoured Corp

A338   Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
A451   Posters - theatrical
A520   Pot Plant Holder brochure - R P & R J Thirlwall

POWELL, Christine
A188   'Defenders of New Zealand' by Thos Wayth Gudgeon

Presbyterian Church, Cambridge
A524   Presbyterian Church of New Zealand
Trinity Presbyterian Church Cambridge, Diamond Jubilee Souvenir 1872-1932
Trinity Presbyterian Church Cambridge, One Hundred Years 1872-1972
A122   The History of the Presbyterian Church

A461   The Premier Printery - 'The News and Theatre Courier'
A423   Presentation of Colours to 6th Hauraki Regiment and 16th Waikato Regiment - Order of Ceremony
A405   'Primary Times' - March 1993 and April 1994
A31     Pukeatua School Jubilee 1911-1961
A477   Pukekura, Puahue and Ngaroto Land Transfer
A473   'Pukerimu Camp - How Cambridge Began' by C W Vennell
A427   Public Relations Office brochures






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