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Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Weekends and public holidays 10am-2pm

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Cambridge Town

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Cambridge Cemetery Burial Register 1910-1939 – F Surnames

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Waipa District Council administers and manages 10 Lawn Cemeteries and now has an online cemetery database to assist people searching for plot locations of deceased friends and relatives in Waipa cemeteries.

FARRAND Elizabeth Wood 1910
FAVILLE Thomas Costle 1932
FEAKINS Horace 1924
FEAKINS Mary Ann 1919
FEAR John Simpson 1914
FELL Edith Ethel 1938
FELLOWS Richard 1921
FERGUSON Agnes 1933
FERGUSON Isobella 1936
FERGUSON John 1931
FERGUSON Margaret Jane 1935
FERGUSSON Edwin Alexander 1918
FIRTH Arthur Temple Clifton 1913
FISCHER Franziska 1922
FISCHER Johann 1936
FITZGERALD Bessie Jane 1933
FITZGERALD Hugh Edgar 1912
FITZGERALD James Hugh 1926
FLEMING Katherine 1931
FLETCHER Edith 1933
FLOYD George 1919
FLOYD Mary Anne 1921
FLOYD Ruth Bertha 1920
FOGARTY Patrick 1920
FOOTE James Colin 1933
FOOTE James George 1927
FORBES Percy Alexander Edward 1912
FORREST Sarah 1922
FOSTER Alice Myrtle Clare 1920
FOSTER Sydney John 1930
FRENCH Annie 1913