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Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Weekends and public holidays 10am-2pm

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Cambridge Town

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Cambridge Cemetery Burial Register 1910-1939 – L Surnames

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Waipa District Council administers and manages 10 Lawn Cemeteries and now has an online cemetery database to assist people searching for plot locations of deceased friends and relatives in Waipa cemeteries.

LANEY James 1911
LANGE Eva May 1929
LANGMUIR William 1914
LASCELLES Montague William 1939
LATIMER Baby of J C 1917
LaTROBE James 1914
LaTROBE Maria 1920
LAVERY Ellen May 1917
LEANING Charlotte Annie 1917
LEANING George Henry 1924
LEANING George Henry 1930
LEANING Catherine Margaret 1930
LEWIS Mary 1918
LIDDINGTON Elizabeth Mary 1932
LIDDINGTON Samuel Henry 1920
LLOYD Kathleen 1936
LOCKLEY Basil 1939
LOCKLEY Mary 1939
LONG Catherine 1926
LONGLEY Hannah Wilder 1934
LONGLEY Robert 1930
LORRIMER Henry Charles 1938
LOW Colin John 1926
LOW William 1929
LOW William Harvey 1934
LOWTHER John 1935
LUNDON John 1918
LYONS Betty May 1926
LYONS Victor Harold 1938