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Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Weekends and public holidays 10am-2pm

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Cambridge Town

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Cambridge Cemetery Burial Register 1910-1939 – N Surnames

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Waipa District Council administers and manages 10 Lawn Cemeteries and now has an online cemetery database to assist people searching for plot locations of deceased friends and relatives in Waipa cemeteries.

NAIRN Sarah Elizabeth 1920
NELSON William 1930
NEWCOMBE Doris Sybil Daisy 1927
NEWSOME Hephzibah 1912
NEWTON Gollan McLean 1920
NICHOLL William 1911
NICHOLSEN Elizabeth 1929
NICHOLSON James 1926
NICHOLSON James Carle 1924
NICHOLSON Peter 1937
NICKLE John Henry Tyne 1923
NICOL Infant 1938 (this refers to NICOLL, David)
NICOL June 1928 (should be NICOLL)
NIXON Thomas 1917
NORRIS Arabella 1918
NORRIS George Thomas 1931
NORRIS James 1929
NORRIS Susannah 1919