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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 4 pm, Weekends and Public Holidays 10am – 2pm.

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Cambridge Cemetery Burial Register 1910-1939 – A Surnames

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Waipa District Council administers and manages 10 Lawn Cemeteries and now has an online cemetery database to assist people searching for plot locations of deceased friends and relatives in Waipa cemeteries.

ADAMS Ernest Alec 1913
AHO Tangiwai 1919
ALLAN Alexander Kerr 1916
ALLEN Edward 1936
ALLEN Edward 1937
ALLWILL Jared 1922
ANANTOA Enoha 1921
ANDERSON Charles William 1918
ANDREW Alexander 1916
ANDREWS Elizabeth 1934
ANDREWS Norman R 1929
ANDREWS William John 1932
APPLEBY Richard 1929
ARIELL Jeannie Douglas 1930
ARIELL Kathleen Mary 1926
ARMER John Henry Day 1920
ARMER Rachel 1914
ARMSTRONG Louise 1913
ARNOLD Alan Charles 1939
ARNOLD James Wallace 1924
ARNOLD John 1919
ARNOLD Kenneth Robert 1937
ARNOLD Leslie Frederick 1933
ARNOLD Maria 1922
ASHTON Frederick Henry 1929
ASHWIN Emma Priscilla 1916
ATKINSON Ellen 1914
ATKINSON Henry 1930
ATTWOOD Arthur 1934
AVENELL Martha 1914
AVENELL William 1918


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