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Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, Weekends and public holidays 10am-2pm

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Our Cambridge Collection has changing exhibitions about Cambridge.  Much of our collection is in storage to ensure its preservation for future generations.


1913 Strike

Special Constabulary Medal Holders

Here is a list of Cambridge men who received the Special Constabulary medal from the 1913 Watersiders’ Strike, as published in the Waikato Independent, 16 April 1914. If you find someone or something of interest in…


1913 Watersiders’ Strike

The Watersider’s Strike was the main topic of conversation in Cambridge towards the end of 1913. By the end of October, 13,000 Wellington watersiders were out on strike and it was spreading. The farmers’ interests…


Special Constabulary Camp Gazette Roll

If you find something or someone of interest in this list please feel free to email your requests with as much relevant detail as possible to help us do the research on your behalf. Our…