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Our Cambridge Collection has changing exhibitions about Cambridge.  Much of our collection is in storage to ensure its preservation for future generations.


I Went to a Town

In October of 2006, the Cambridge Historical Society celebrated its 50th Anniversary and a poetry competition was held as part of the celebrations. Entrants’ original poems were to be based on the subject of Cambridge and/or the surrounding districts and we present here the prize winners of each section together with some of the highly commended entries.

by Marisa Shuker – Highly Commended in the Adult Section

I went to a town
Of a million trees
A thousand gardens
On a canvas of fields
Where clock and church-bell
Sang the hour
And turning leaves
Marked seasons’ change.

I went to a town
Near a glistening lake
Where a mountain stood guard
With its haven of life
While champions’ oars
Carved a liquid road
Which snaked through the town
To its watery fate.

I went to a town
With an echoing past
Where heroes had marched
To a rhythmic beat
And thunderous cannons
Resounded in minds
Now the rhythm is heard
In the hooves on the track
And the galloping thunder
Crossing the line.

I went to a town
With promise and dreams
Keeping pace with the times
Growing up, spreading wide
Holding tight to its soul
With a pastoral pride
In the heart of our land
I went to a town.