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World War Two – The Men and Women We Honour

This list of ‘The Men, and Women, We Honour’, together with messages ‘To the Men who are away’ have been taken from the booklet ‘Cambridge Sends You Greetings’ published in 1940.

The First Echelon
18th Rifle Battalion
Alderton T H
Brown I M
Bryce I C
Buckingham R F
Carter J
Cooper F
Epps R K
Gear R
Harsant H
Harsant W B
Hooker H L
Johanson D A
Lawn B
Ramsey C H
Ryder R
Scott H F
Stanley F J
Stephen D J
Turtill A C
Wright A BR.N.Z. Artillery
Kilmore A
Lewis P S
Lynds T O
Rosevear R E W
Wiles A S

Machine-gun Corps
Ferguson T M
Harbutt G S
Martin A R

Div. Cavalry Regiment
Dillon R A
Entwisle G
Ferguson J G
Ramsay R A
Robertson A W
Sawers D C
Wallace T C

Div. Ammunition Company
Bryce J M
Ferguson D N M
Ferguson I M
Ganley W V
Hague N
Higgins W
Moore J B

Field Park Company
Duckworth A J

Res. Motor Transport Coy
Peake H

Army Service Corp
Sawers C

Divisional Ambulance
Sawers F

The Second Echelon
N.Z. Army Nursing Service
Sister Nicholl Elizabeth

Army Chaplain
Rev. Sheely W

21st Rifle Battalion
Baker G
Bellamy H H
Carroll L P
Cooker J B
Colvin P W
Davenport H H
Epps W H
Gaukroger C
Goodall J
Gooding R
Hames R J
Haworth L R
Higgins L E J
Howes J
McGrath M J
Needham A R
Nixon J R
Perry C T
Ross R B
Watts H G L
Watts M W C
Wells T G

Maori Battalion
Dixon R J
Mikaere M
Wehipeihana J

R.N.Z. Artillery
Brewer N H
Broderson W A
Chard T J
Fraser E C
Hall J
Morgan J R
Ridgway N C

Div. Cavalry Regiment
Bain R G
Coventry C

Field Engineers
Alcock F
Baker T J
Harris J R

Railway Units
Arbon C S
Turner C H

Light Aid Detachment
Dornoch A H
Wragg R T

Employment Company
Drabble F
The Third Echelon
24th Rifle Battalion

Banks W S
Coulter K J
Kane P J
Lenton A M B
Middlemiss R R
Middlemiss D H A
Nicholson S
Snelling S
Stites F T
Trubshaw A J
Walker G F

6th Infantry Brigade
Annett L H L
Butler M J
Bradley R G
Cooper M C
Conder K W
de Ville O A
Duignan H V
East V
Epps S B
Fell A W
Gane M
Hamerton L F
James R G
Jones W B
Jessen G
Keyte E C
Livesay R
Mackie S J
McGinley J
McKenzie A D
Pentelow D J
Porter R J
Pulford A R
Randle P
Thorn J S
Wilson M A

29th Rifle Battalion
Banks B

Maori Battalion
Daniels P
Tairi T

Machine-Gun Corps
Sutherland W RAnti-Tank Regt
Epps C G
Millan S V
Partridge A J J
Smith W J

Div. Cavalry Regiment
Atkinson R R

R.N.Z. Artilery
Duignan C V

Div. Ammunition Coy
Buckingham A D
Buckingham L M
Colvin F L
Wood W

N.Z. Engineers
Edwards P
Leeder R G
Thompson O W S

Divisional Signals
Fell A J
Hubbard W F

N.Z. Medical Corps.
Hunt E T
Ruge T

N.Z. Dental Corps.
Lockett A A

Forestry Unit
Barrett R G
Barrett S H
Kirkman H
Rye R R

Railway Unit
Lines A K

Fourth Reinforcements

Bell R H D

30th Rifle Battalion
Stewart L F

Infantry Reinforcements
Maisey V H
McGovern J P
Nicholl K
Perry C T
Thorne R M

Broderson C M

Infantry (Rifle Battalion)
Boyce C H
Buckingham L
Budd E C
Hadley C
Hague E
Hall F L
Richard W
Simpson R A
Smith L G
Weatherell J M

7th Field Ambulance N.Z.M.C.
Johnson P S
Petersen H
Sorrenson L J A

Infantry Anti-Tank
Baxter G
Hammond B G

Kelly J
Telfer W J
Morse S T

Infantry Machine-Gun
McGovern D P
Walker H R
Hooker K R

Collins T J
Richards L C

Divisional Signals
Wilkinson N A

Divisional Cavalry
Garland R V
Anderson E A

Bell C
Carroll J A S
McDonnell E D
McKinnon D J
McDonnell R

Pay Corps
Wallis R J W

Units Unspecified
Williams R
Hall V
Moorhead R

Other Arms of the Service
N.Z. Div. Royal Navy
Canty C
Care W
Keeley S
Lorimer S
Milnes E G T
Speight A
Speight S
Wallace M

Jeffrey R McK

R.N.Z. Air Force
Allan I E
Bell M D
Clyton A
Dallimore S
Duignan W H
Edwards F
Entwisle W H
Fell M
Fyffe W J
Haworth F
Herring W
Hills A J
Jeans C R
Jessop A L
Kelly L
Mackie D J
McKinnon A
McNamara B
Morris T H
Morse H F
Oliver B
Pearce R A
Pitman V
Pollard S
Richards S
Ritchie J R
Ross J
Sampson R W
Sutherland A
Ward M
Wells E P

A.I.F. Engineers
Wells A F

Other Branches
Duggan C
Montgomery J
Orr L L
Pryor J


Researched and written by Eris Parker
Ref: Cambridge Museum Archives

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