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Bond’s Almanac 1912

Bond’s Almanac was published for the districts of Waikato, Te Kuiti, Te Aroha and adjacent settlements by Charles Frederick (Fred) Bond.
Fred was born in Cambridge on 5 January 1884, son of James Shiner and Sarah Bond. His father, James, was a former publisher of the Waikato Advocate and Waikato Times, a mayor of Cambridge and later became mayor of Hamilton.

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ALLEN A K – farmer
ARMER A H D – carpenter
ARMER F D – tailor
ARNOLD J – farmer
ASHWIN M J – farmer
ASTTE L G – railway guard
ATKINSON G H – farmer
ATKINSON H – grocer
ATTWOOD J E G – carpenter
AVENELL W – butcher
BAILEY E – labourer
BAILEY G – settler
BALDWIN S – engineer
BARKER G C – painter
BARRAS A – retired weaver
BATEMAN A O – telegraphist
BEAVIS H – restaurant keeper
BELT H – blacksmith
BELT H A – coach proprietor
BELT J -junior baker
BELLAMY H – labourer
BENDSON J A – creamery manager
BILLING J – baker
BLACK J H – carpenter
BLUNT C H – storekeeper
BLYTH A – poultry farmer
BOWLER W – gardener
BOYCE A B – butcher
BOYCE C – baker
BOYCE T H – storekeeper
BROAD A J – storekeeper
BROAD F H – storekeeper’s assistant
BROAD W J – storekeeper
BROCKLEBY E – butcher
BROCKLEBY W H – labourer
BROOKS F J – town clerk
BROPHY T – groom
BROWN A E – traveller
BROWN S – labourer
BRYCE J A – dentist
BUCKLAND W F – solicitor
BUNYARD F C – engineer
BURBRIDGE W H – gardener
BUTLER F W – consulting engineer
BETTLE R N – settler
BYCROFT C H – contractor
BYCROFT F W – contractor
CADDY E W B – schoolmaster
CALLAWAY A – storeman
CAMERON A – bank accountant
CAMERON J – labourer
CAMPBELL E – farm labourer
CAPPER A – auctioneer
CARE W G – carpenter
CARPENTER E C – carter
CARR J R – blacksmith
CARSWELL D – tailor
CARTER H – cabinet maker
CARTER W K – coach proprietor
CAW A R – accountant
CHAMBERS J – gardener
CHEETHAM T – farmer
CHING T R – labourer
CHITTY C – settler
CLARK G A – storeman
CLIFFIN E – labourer
CLIFFIN E G – cabinet maker
COLLINS W G – settler
COLLIS J J – cabinet maker
COMER E J – farmer
CONDOR J – jnr storeman
CONNOLLY J A – bootmaker
CONNOLLY F J – boot dealer
COOK M – painter
CORDON R – borough foreman
CRICKETT R – farmer
CREIGHTON A C – bushman
CROWTHER H – coach proprietor
CUBIS A B – farm labourer
CUNNINGHAM O – labourer
CURTAIN A – signwriter
DAGG T – stockman
DAVIS A F – labourer
DAVYS H E – builder
DAVYS H J – timber merchant
DAY E R – land and commission agent
DEAN J – teacher
DENT J C – coach painter
DETON A – farm labourer
DENTON C – storeman
DENTON W – stockman
DEVITT J – labourer
DICKSON G – agent
DENNISON E R – railway porter
DIXON C – farm labourer
DODD W – carpenter
DOUCE J T – joiner
DOUGHERTY L B – farmer
DOUGLAS M J – accountant
DRIVER H H – carpenter
DUNN C – gardener
DWIGHT A J – yardman
DWIGHT P H -platelayer
DYER R C – ex-schoolmaster
EDWARDS G M – grocer’s assistant
ELLIOTT J J – station hand
EVANS A N J – land agent
FARNELL N R – bank officer
FEAKINS H – farmer
FERGUSON E J A – tailor
FERGUSON J P – farmer
FERGUSON H – coach painter
FERGUSON H – jnr farmer
FERGUSON J – wheelwright
FERGUSON J H – blacksmith
FERGUSON R W – coachbuilder
FISHER A P – mill hand
FISHER R – jnr farmer
FITZGERALD F J – decorator
FLAUS E T L – labourer
FLETCHER S – painter
FLYNN J – farm hand
FORBES P A E – accountant
FORD W F – carpenter
FOSTER J L – dentist
FOX R T – gardener
FRY A – no-license organiser
GANE A W – farmer
GARDINER M E – merchant
GARVEY S – police constable
GEMMILL J R – blacksmith
GILES G – labourer
GILES G – jnr carpenter
GILLARD J – farmer
GLANVILLE P T – insurance agent
GLOVER G – labourer
GOODWIN J – cow spanker
GOW J T – salesman
GOW A – stationmaster
GOW W J – clergyman
GREEHAM W – engineer
GREEN A E H – journalist
HACKETT P J – chemist
HATFIELD E C – manufacturer
HALL W H – farmer
HALLY G J – farmer
HALLY J – solicitor
HAMILTON J F – blacksmith
HAMMOND J H – bank manager
HANKINS C – gardener
HARDY E L – carpenter
HARDY L – farmer
HARRIS H A – groom
HARRIS W J – engineer
HARTLY T – clerk
HEALY E A – letter carrier
HEATH G T – grocer
HENDERSON H T – upholsterer
HEWITT P J – telegraphist
HICKEY Dennis – labourer
HICKEY J – farm labourer
HICKS A – farm labourer
HICKS H R – labourer
HICKS J – settler
HICKS John – labourer
HILL E B – chemist
HILL A C – blacksmith
HILL A E – painter
HJORTH W – labourer
HOBBS A W – labourer
HOGAN W – jnr carpenter
HOGG R – fellmonger
HOTCROFT R H – stockman’s agent
HOLMES P H A – coachbuilder
HOPKIRK A – sheep farmer
HERROX C – poultry farmer
HOWARD L – agent
HOWE J – no occupation
HUGHES T H – farmer
HUMBY T – blacksmith
HUMPHRIES C H – milker
HUNTER C – auctioneer
HUNTER R W – land & estate agent
ISHERWOOD J H A L M – photographer
JARRETT C A – engineer
JARRETT C – engineer
JARRETT J – settler
JENKINS S E – farmer
JOYCE C – farmer
KEELEY J – gardener
KEELEY J – jnr butcher
KEELEY W – settler
KELLY R H – labourer
KING W S – hotelkeeper
KINGDON D – labourer
KINGDON J – blacksmith
KINGDON P J – printer
LANGLEY C – woodcutter
LANGMUIR W – gardener
LA TROBE J W – teacher
LA TROBE P M – carpenter
LAUD R M – farmer
LAVELLE E – contractor
LAYNE W – farmer
LEWIN T – grocer’s assistant
LEWIS H – solicitor’s clerk
LEWIS S – solicitor
LING W J – draper
LINSTROM E E – boarding house keeper
LOCKETT C – tea merchant
LOGAN W M F – clerk
LOMAX H P – land agent
LONGBOTTOM J R – labourer
LOVATT J E – merchant
LUNDON J – bank manager
LYNDS L T – plumber
LYONS Montgomery F K W – captain
MACK T – bridgeman
MAHOOD J G – contractor
MALINS A D – coachbuilder
MALINS W H – grocer
MALLER J P – billiard marker
MANN C C – farmer
MARFELL F J – commission agent
MARSHALL N C – painter
MARSHALL S – carpenter
MAY J W – farmer
MAYALL J E – settler
McCANN W G – farmer
McCARTHY P J – constable
McCUTCHEON C H – labourer
McCREA H G – farmer
McDERMOTT M P – clerk
McDERMOTT W – postmaster
McDONALD P H M – saddler
McFARLANE J – labourer
McFARLANE W – labourer
McGEARTY J – labourer
McGRANE J T – clerk
McKAY W E – billiard room proprietor
McKEARNEY J S – labourer
McKENZIE D – groom
McKEOWN J S – butcher
McKINNON D – farmer
McKINNON H A – bootmaker
McKINNON R A – teacher
McLEISH W – contractor
McMILLAN J – blacksmith
McMILLAN W – blacksmith
McNEISH J A – mechanic
McVEAGH W R – tinsmith
MEDHURST T G – waggoner
MELVILLE R J – threshing mill proprietor
MENARY W – labourer
MERRICK J W – retired merchant
MIDDLETON D – farmer
MIDDLETON J J – driver
MILLAN F S – settler
MITCHELL C J – bricklayer
MITCHELL F C – slaughterman
MONTGOMERY J – farm labourer
MORIN L M – grocer
MORRIS T M – horse trainer
MORSE W F – carpenter
MULHOLLAND J – machinist
MULLER C C – baker
MULLER W C – baker
MULLINS E C – blacksmith
MULLINS H – labourer
MULLINS J – gardener
MULLINS R J – labourer
MUNRO L G – grocer’s assistant
MURDOCK E J A – commission agent
MURPHY D – blacksmith
MURPHY N – bookkeeper
MURPHY P D – carpenter
MURPHY W J – priest
MURRELL J – watchmaker
NAIRN A C – farmer
NICHOLAS M D – saddler
NICHOLAS T H – tailor
NICHOLSON P – farmer
NICOL J J – insurance agent
NICOLL A H – accountant
NIXON H L – watchmaker
NIXON R C – telegraphist
NIXON T – coachbuilder
OGILVIE J – labourer
ONIONS G S – draper
OSBORN W G – telegraph linesman
O’TOOLE F – saddler
PAGE G – stoker
PALMER E W – carrier
PALMER G H – farmer
PATCH J – insurance agent
PEIRCE A G – butcher
PEIRCE J – fruiterer
PEPPERCORN A E – farm hand
PERKINS G B – farm hand
PETERS J – blacksmith
PETERSEN A – labourer
PETERSEN G – plumber
PETERSEN J – baker
PHILP J – bookseller & stationer
PIKE H – contractor
PILCHER F G – accountant
PLESCHER F J – bootmaker
PLESCHER J – bootmaker
PLECSHER W – grocer’s assistant
POLLOCK H – mechanic
POPPLE F – storekeeper
POTTS C W – carpenter
POTTS J E – carpenter
POWELL E – labourer
POWLEY W – farmer
PREECE H – labourer
PRIESTLEY C H – saddler
PURDIE J W M – ex-clerk
RAE H – labourer
RAE Hugh – contractor
RAYNER R K – draper’s assistant
REED G – carpenter
REED J N – piano tuner
REESE A A – simplex operator
REID C – cabinet maker
REID C W – cabinet maker
RENDELL H P – farmer
RENDELL A – farmer
REYNOLDS D S – farmer
REYNOLDS F J – farmer
REYNOLDS R – farmer
RICHARDS G – farmer
RICHARDS J – hairdresser
RICHARDS J P – commission agent
RICHARDS T – grocer
RICHARDSON R – carpenter
RILEY H – tailor
RILEY J J – labourer
RILEY W – tailor
RILEY W – labourer
RIVERS J – gardener
ROBERTS C – butcher
ROBERTS E E – surgeon
ROBERTS R J – chemist
ROBSON H C – labourer
ROWE H G – traveller
RUGE C – ironmonger’s assistant
RUGE F B – hairdresser
RUSSELL J – carter
RUSSELL J S – farmer
RUTTER C L – plumber
RUTTER P – carrier
RUTTER W C – tailor
RYSDALE W – labourer
SALISBURY W J – fireman
SCOTT A W – farmer
SCOTT G A – carter
SCUDAMORE H B – labourer
SEABROOK J – farmer
SEMMENS J W – carpenter
SHARKEY W – wheelwright
SHENNEN J S – labourer
SHEPHERD W D – grocer
SIMPSON G – farmer
SMITH E W G – hotelkeeper
SMITH H G – clerk
SMITH J P – bushman
SMITH R H – butter factory assistant
SMITH S C – compositor
SMITH W – bricklayer
SMYTH P T – caretaker
SOUTER E N – merchant
SOUTER J W – merchant
STANAWAY J W – ironmonger
STENT H E – poultry farmer
STEPHENS F – gardener
STEWART A A – railway engine driver
STEWART N J – carpenter
STIRLING J A – farmer
STEWART C S – storeman
STUBBING D – surveyor
STUBBING M – surveyor
SUMMERS J G – carrier
SWEETING T – gardener
TERRILL J – hairdresser
THOMAS A – hotelkeeper
THOMAS A D – hotelkeeper’s assistant
THOMAS W H – fruiterer
THOMASON F C – creamery manager
THORNLEY A E – shop assistant
THORNTON W – farmer
TINSLEY W – Methodist minister
TRING T – miller
TRYTHALL A B – land agent
TUDHOPE R – draper
TURNER W – labourer
TWIDLE J – farmer
URE W R – blacksmith
VEALE E – accountant
WAITE T – carter
WALKER W R C – teacher
WALLACE A – settler
WALLACE H C – farmer
WARREN R W – land agent
WATSON W J – groom
WATT C – farm assistant
WATTERS J – hotelkeeper
WAYMAN F – saddler
WAYMAN G – labourer
WEBBER H – blacksmith
WEBBER W – carrier
WEIR T – farmer
WEBBS T M – merchant
WEST J – farmer
WESTERN P W – plumber
WESTNEY S N – retired
WHITE A – painter
WHITE J P – divinity student
WHITE W – carpenter
WICKS H W – gardener
WILCOX W T – gardener
WILKINSON A – plumber
WILKINSON E J – journalist
WILLLIAMS P J B – draughtsman
WILLIAMS W L C – settler
WILLIAMSON W J – labourer
WILLIS W N deL – clergyman
YOUNG H G – watchmaker
YOUNG J – coachbuilder
YOUNG J T – grocer’s assistant



ALLWILL J – farmer
ALLWILL S S – farmer
AMOS J – contractor
BACKHOUSE – farmer
BAILLIE J W – farm labourer
BARTLETT F – farmer
BEANGE A – creamery manager
BEANGE G – labourer
BEER E – farmer
BEER J L – farmer
BROWN T W – farmer
BURGE H – butter maker
CHRISTIANSEN A – factory assistant
COWLING S – farmer
COWLING W A – farmer
CROUCH C – farmer
DAVYS F – farmer
DOUGHERTY N – farmer
DUNCAN R O – farmer
DUNCAN W F – farmer
FORREST A H – farmer
FORREST J – farmer
HALL W H – farmer
HAMERTON J H – farmer
HARBUTT W – farmer
HARGREAVES C H – horse breaker
HEGH O J – farmer
JAMES E – storekeeper
JAMIESON A – farmer
JAMIESON A H – farm labourer
JAMIESON J H – farmer
KARL E P – farmer
KELLY A E – farmer
KELLY T H – farmer
KNIGHT E – farmhand
MAIN A – farmer
MCCORMICK W – farmer
MCFARLANE A – farmer
MCFARLANE J D – farmer
MCGEECHIE B – farmer
MCGEECHIE J A – farmer
MCLEOD D J – farmer
MCNAUGHTEN Dugald – farmer
NEWCOMBE F – farmer
NEWCOMBE R – farmer
O’KEEFE J J A – farmer
PARKER G E – farmer
PALTRIDGE H – factory hand
PRETTY A – labourer
RUSSELL M W – farmer
SCHWARZ E A – farmer
SERCOMBE J – farmer
SHAW D – farmer
SHAW J – farmer
SIMPSON G W – farm labourer
SIMPSON T – farmer
SIMPSON W – carpenter
SMITH A C – farm labourer
THOMAS R – farmer
VOYLE J R – farmer
WALLACE W C – farmer
WARD R – farm hand
WATT G McC – manager cheese factory
WATTAM T – farmer
WATTAM R – farmer
WISEMAN J C – farm labourer

Researched and written by Eris Parker
Ref: Cambridge Museum Archives